What is Involved In An Assessment

Austin ADHD/LD House Calls is proud to bring the convenience of House Calls to ADHD/LD testing for children, adolescents, and adults.

When you purchase an assessment House Call from us, you will receive:

  • A private assessment conducted by Dr. Mike Parent, PhD, a licensed psychologist and expert in assessment and psychological science.
  • A rapid turn-around for your personalized report, including any relevant diagnoses and recommendations. This report is suitable to bring to a prescription provider (if medication evaluation is warranted) and to provide evidence for the need for accommodations for testing (if such accommodations are warranted by the diagnosis). Reports are completed within a week of the assessment.
  • A convenient Telehealth House Call feedback session to review the testing results for the examinee and any members of the family who would like to be involved in future treatment planning, seeking medication evaluation, or obtaining testing accommodations.
  • Unlimited, free copies of the testing report.
  • Unlimited, free consultations between Dr. Parent and any providers or other agencies who wish to verify the testing results or records.
  • The option to purchase other useful testing services, including vocational interest inventories that can be useful in picking college majors, that are administered with other testing and reviewed at the feedback session.

Questions about testing and assessment

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