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You may be able to have your child assessed at no cost to you.

Does your child attend public school? If so, you may be covered under a government act called IDEA—the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. The goal of IDEA is to make sure that kids can all have a learning experience in school on an equal playing field. If you wonder if your child may have a reading or motor disorder, an attention disorder, or autism spectrum disorder, you may qualify for testing at no cost to you.

6 Principials of The IDEA act

Are you worried that the school district isn’t going to be responsive to your request? A public school in Texas has 15 school days to respond to a request for an evaluation, and 45 school days to conduct the evaluation after that. If the school is unable to provide testing in that time period, you should be able to get an independent evaluation, which I can provide, with costs going to the school district.

Are you worried that an assessment of your child was not correct, not administered correctly, or did not address your concerns? If you disagree with the results of an assessment, you may specifically ask for an independent educational evaluation, which I am happy to provide in my own private practice or to help you find another provider who can conduct the assessment.

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Independent Evaluations for Special Education

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